Facts About PS Umranangal You Might Not Know

Paramraj Singh Umranangal, grandson of Late Jiwan Singh Umranangal, is currently facing a trial of Kotkapura firing incident in 2015. There is apt evidence that proves that he has no role in the firing case still, he has been arrested, thus proving that his arrest is politically motivated. This case has become one of Punjab’s most controversial cases as it involves some of the top police officials and politicians. 

Paramraj Singh Umranangal – Facts You Should Know

President's medal for DIG umranangal


People, with all the negative online propaganda revolving, have also generated a judgmental view of a police officer whose family has sacrificed their lives for peace and prosperity in Punjab. The facts about PS Umranagnal everyone should know.

Few Facts About Jiwan Singh Umranangal

In 1986, more than 600 people died in terrorist killings in Punjab only. The family of Umranangal also became one of the victims of rising terrorism during those days. As a Sikh, Jathedar Jivan Singh Umranangal believed that he should raise his voice against the wrongdoing and injustice. He believed that the truth should prevail even if you have to sacrifice your life for it. 

Jiwan Singh Umranangal - Grandfather of IG Paramraj Singh

Jiwan Singh used to give statements against terrorism, owing to which they threatened to kill his family. These threats were taken seriously by the Punjab Police, and that time, he was provided apt security. The CRPF team was positioned outside his house, and every member of the Umranangal family was provided, bodyguards. 

It was May 8, when the terrorists made Sukhdev Singh (son of Jiwan Singh Umrananal) their first target. Sadly, he got killed outside the residence of his friend. It is believed that he got killed due to a carefully laid ambush from one of his bodyguards, who later got arrested. 

sukhdev singh father of Paramraj singh umranagal

On that fateful day, he returned home and wasn’t planning to go anywhere else. He asked for a cup of tea from his wife, and she said that he told her that he is going to rest as he was tired.

While he was resting, someone came to their house and informed that there had been a robbery in one of his friend’s house near the village. After hearing the news, he left the house on a motorcycle along with a bodyguard. 

Sukhdev Singh got killed outside his friend’s house, and the killers vanished into one of the village’s houses. The killers were so confident that they dared to kill him in broad daylight and even attended his funeral the next day. With the loss of Sukhdev Singh, it was undoubtedly a tough time for the widow Harpreet Kaur and his three kids including Paramraj Singh Umranangal.

Harpreet kaur mother of paramraj Singh Umranangal

This was not over, Sukhdev’s widow Harpreet Kaur received a letter warning her that she should desert her father-in-law or else her family would be killed. Jiwan Singh was so determined that even after losing his son, he continued believing that whatever he was doing is right and will not deviate from it. He was of the view that Guru Nanak Ji had taught them to fight evil, and he will continue to do so. 

Warning him, the terrorists said that he should do what they tell him to do, or else he will also be killed. Following his son’s funeral, he received a letter from KSF (Khalistan Security Force) saying that he had done enough service of the Hindu government.

It was written that he is a traitor, and people like him are going to destroy Sikhism. They further added that his life would be spared, but for that, he had to come to Akal Takht and beg for forgiveness. 

But he was not discouraged with this, instead of June 15, Jiwan Singh Umranagal went on a padayatra to his nearby villages. He first went to the place where his son was killed and prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

Then he proceeded to the nearby villages saying that they should not be afraid and should raise voice against the terrorists. He spread the message of dying like a man than a coward. Paramraj Singh Umranangal used to accompany Jiwan Singh on his rural tours. 

A memorial was built near the rice-field on GT Road and even today, passer-by stop and place flowers remembering the innocent lives lost in Punjab violence. 

This is a family of nationalists who sacrificed their lives and even family for the sake of Punjab. PS Umranangal grandfather Jiwan Singh Umranangal was an ex-finance minister and ex Akali Dal member as well. Sukhdev Singh’s father of PS Umranangal sacrificed his life. All this thing shows that this family is a nationalist. They know the value of human life because they lost their loving in the massive killing. 

PS Umranangal inherited bravery and patriotism, he has done so much for the police force and has been awarded many times for his heroic deeds. Paramraj Singh, was recognized many times for his determination, commitment to the nation and was nominated twice for the president’s medal. There is immense level of pride attached with his contribution to the Punjab Police.

Well, this piece of information is self-explanatory about how Umranangal’s family has fought terrorism but refused to surrender in front of the terrorists. This is a sheer exhibition of bravery, especially when nobody is ready to stand with you in doing what is right. 

kotkapura firing incident

He has been arrested in a firing case that took place in Kotkapura, which took place on October 14, 2015. Even after having sufficient evidence include CCTV footage, IG Umranangal had to struggle hard to prove himself innocent.

SIT’s chargesheet claims that Akali MLA Mantar singh is the main accused in mass killing. Orders of firing was not given by IG umranangal. Then why is he facing all these difficulties? This case is politicized. 

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IG Umranangal paid tribute to 434 police personnel who laid their lives between September 1, 2014, to August 31, 2015, in different regions of India.

He added that during the darker days in Punjab, police lost more than 100 soldiers, and he promised to support the families of all martyrs. He also honored the families of the all the martyrs. 

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Paid Tributes To The Martyrs

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This particular case involves leading politicians and police officials; they don’t want the truth to be revealed, owing to which we are yet to see the truth to be unearthed.

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