IGP Paramraj S Umranangal And Kotkapura Incident – FAQs

The following questions clear the air regarding the role of IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal in the Kotkapura firing incident. Following questions cater to all the critical issues that circulate regarding the firing incident on that fateful day and the involvement of Mr. Umranangal in the whole case.

These questions aptly answer all the doubts and questions surrounding the case.

1. Q: Was IGP Paramraj S Umranangal present illegally in Kotkapura?

Ans: No. He was there on official duty as were other senior police officers from several other districts besides Faridkot. This has been acknowledged by the SIT in the sessions court.

2. Q: Were the Police forces at Kotkapura under the sole command of IGP Paramraj S Umranangal?

Ans: No. Under the police rules, the chain of command at Kotkapura was under the control of local officers of the district of Faridkot. Neither was PS Umranangal the senior-most officer on the spot, his immediate senior, the ADGP Law and Order—Rohit Chowdary was also present.
At no time was any authority ceded to Mr. Umranangal by either the ADGP or the district IG, DIG or SSP

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3. Q: Was the police firing in Kotkapura a part of a premeditated conspiracy?

Ans: No. As can be seen in the CCTV records (quoted in the Justice Ranjit Singh Report) the police were engaged in active negotiations with the protesters. Out of 60 minutes of the recording, most of the recording (more than 55 minutes) showed several senior police officers patiently engaged in negotiations even though the gathering was deemed to be illegal.
As seen in the footage, the confrontation escalated from a minor incident around the arrest of Mr. Panthpreet Singh. The arrest was resisted by some protesters, leading to a mild lathi charge. Following this, it escalated to the crowd throwing brickbats and the police using tear gas and water cannon.

The footage also showed how the crowd attacked the police and drove them away, injuring and savagely beating a few policemen. The police firing took place following these incidents. The entire thing was over in three minutes. It seemed more like a very haphazard escalation of violence than a pre-meditated police action.

4. Q: Was IGP Paramraj S Umranangal talking to anyone illegally?

Ans: No. Telephone transcripts show the IGP was talking to the DGP during the crisis, entirely normal and expected.

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Public Opinion:

1. It is easy to held any police officer of his stature responsible for this ill-fated incident.but when SIT should also understand that his duty was not only to maintain law and order but also to keep safe policemen under him present there.and one thing is for sure he was not there to kill anyone.

2. Clearly this SIT stands for STATE IMMORAL TEAM. Instead of probing the real issue and culprits, they will get down to any level/use any tact to stay in news for votes. People have rejected their version of the ill-fated incident and know-how The State govt is manipulating the religious emotions of Sikhs. We stand by Paramraj Umranangal and have total faith in waheguru’s justice.

3. Shocking episode a respected senior officer from an immensely loved and respected family,, a family which is a pillar of strength for all punjabi Hindu Sikhs from ages being targeted politically and what for – for his police team trying to control a threatening mob,, soon even Supreme Courts shall face music of mob if politicos are allowed free runs in witch hunting thru such SIT ins and SIT ups
Mr Panthipreet shd have been arrested had IPC worked in accordance to British system inherited by us and manipulated badly from day one by these very congressies and others.

4. Justice shall prevail.looks like a conspiracy to deliberately derail the career.But our judicial system is very strong

5. He has no case against him! This is all politically motivated

6. Justice shall prevail. looks like a conspiracy to deliberately derail the career. But our judicial system is very strong

7. Dirty politics so sad

8. What a mockery of Justice and undermining the morale of the police by arresting him.

9. Dirty Politics ..Justice will Prevail ..

10. Dirty politics…..

11. Justice will prevail

12. Politics politics

13. Dirty Politics ..Justice will Prevail.

14. I’m with you

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