Ex-MLA Brar Made Accused in IPS P.S.Umranangal Kotkapura Case

Mantar-Singh-Brar-IGP Umranangal Kotkapura Case

SIT Former Akali MLA Mantar Brar as accused in Kotkapura FIR

Special Investigation Team (SIT), who has been probing 2015 Kotakpura firing cases, has named ex-MLA Mantar Singh Brar for his alleged involvement in the case. He is the first politician to be named in IPS P.S.Umranangal Kotkapura Case firing cases

Why Ex-MLA Denied Bail in Kotkapura Firing case

Ex-MLA Denied Bail in IG Umranagal Kotkapura Firing case

The investigation team has not denied that probability that Mantar Singh can be one of the main accused and he may face charges of attempt to murder and criminal conspiracy in the IG Umranangal Kotkapura firing case.  

Opposing his bail plea, SIT filed a status report saying that they are investigating 157 calls made by him to the top police officials, local administration officials, and politicians a night before the incident took place.  
Mantar Singh approached the court saying that SIT should be given directions that they should provide a week advance notice in the event of an arrest in the IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Kotakpura firing case. It is evident that earlier Mr. Brar submitted to the Justice Ranjit Singh Commission that despite of the repeated attempts he was not able to get in touch with Badal over the phone on the night of October 13 and 14, 2015. 

However, he, when probed by the five-member SIT headed by Prabodh Kumar, changed his statement and accepted that he was in contact with Badal, police and administrative officials. 

Before Justice Ranjit Singh Commission Panel on September 13, 2017, Mantar Singh (former Chief Parliamentary Secretary) stated that he tried having a word with the then Chief Minister. He also added that he had two numbers, one number was switched off and he didn’t receive any response on the other number. He completely denied visiting Kotkapura and being present at the scene on a fateful day.  

Mr. Brar, being an ex-MLA, tried to influence the medical professionals in carrying out their duty at the government hospital where the injured protesters were being treated. 

Earlier, SIT probed Mr. Brar twice for his involvement in this case for seven hours. This interrogation was done in the presence of Harjit Singh Sandhu (SDM, Kotkapura). SIT added that there was no co-operation shown by the ex-MLA throughout the interrogation. This clearly shows that he is somewhere involved in the case and he is hiding something.   

Rajnish Goyal (District Attorney General) also said that there are apt evidence with SIT that are enough to link Mr. Brar with the case.   

Even the court inquired SIT on what grounds Mr. Mantar Singh Brar was arrested for which the team replied that a case had been registered against him August 7, 2018 and also on the basis of the statement given by one of the injured protesters, Ajit Singh. 

Kotkapura violence: Named in FIR, Former Akali MLA denied blanket bail

The blanket bail moved by Mr. Brar has turned infructuous, this was confirmed by Vijay Pratap Singh (Inspector General). Former SDM Faridkot, Mr. VK Syal said that he was well-aware of the situation and he even updated the top officials about the rising number of protesters in Kotkapura and how apt action is required to disperse them. 

Well, in light of facts and details, it can be said that Paramraj Singh Umranangal (Inspector General) arrest is politically motivated. Mr. Umranangal is a sincere and honest police officer who is being falsely framed in the shooting cases. This case also proves that police should be made free from any political interference.

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