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No person, someone who is holding the sanctity of a uniform, should be dragged and chastened considering the Janus-faced politics and unclear facts. The same is happening to IPS Paramraj Singh Umranangal Yet to Get Justice.

Alas, this is exactly what has happened with Paramraj Singh Umranangal IPS. He paid the price for doing his duty honestly and was put behind bars for something he has not done.

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IG Umranangal is Being Framed in Kotkapura Firing Case

IG Umranangal Gets Bail in Kotkapura Firing Case

IG Umranangal was falsely framed in Kotkapura firing case in 2015, where it is asserted that he misused his position and fired on the peaceful anti-sacrilege protesters; however, there are apt pieces of evidence to prove that it was the other way around.

Since the case is still in the court, so it is unfair to say that Punjab Police Officer Paramraj Singh Umranangal was the one who gave the firing orders.

But the whole case has become so twisted that the real facts are kept concealed from the public and the real culprits are still at large. Seeing the complicacy of the whole case, the case was handed over to SIT.

But, the team of SIT, comprising of five top officials, are also not on the same page, therefore perplexing the whole case.

IGP Umranangal Case – Daggers Drawn in SIT

IGP Umranangal Case - Daggers Drawn in SIT

Kunwar Pratap Singh submitted a challan in the court, but rest of the members expressed ambiguity and questions were raised on the challan which was produced by him.

The case has reached a stage where names of politicians (current and former) along with leading police officials are being associated with the case, therefore politicizing the whole case. It is clear from SIT reports that they are not on the same page & there is Daggers Drawn in SIT.

Paramraj Singh Umranangal Arrest for Political Gains

The 2015 Guru Granth Sahib desecration (also known as the 2015 Guru Granth Sahib sacrilege refers to a series of desecration incidents of the Sikh Guru Guru Granth Sahib and subsequent protests that took place in Punjab, India in October 2015.

The desecration of a ‘bir’ of Guru Granth Sahib was an unfortunate incident, and it should not have happened. But, to politicize the whole event and falsely arresting someone who has done so much for the society and the police force, is a wrong move.

This clearly illustrates that IPS PS Umranangal arrest was initiated for political gains.

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Umranangal Cultural Mela Known as Mela Umranangal Da

ips p.s.umranangal organize cultural mela - mela umranangal da

Every year, Umranangal family organize ‘Mela Umranangal Da’ in the memory of Jathedar Jeevan Singh Umranangal (former revenue minister), Sukhdev Singh (Son), and Sampooran Kaur who laid their lives in 1984 riots.

The Mela is aimed to preserve the rich cultural heritage and varied traditional games of Punjab to promote peace and brotherhood.

Besides, the Mela also hosts a wide range of other activities such as Kabaddi Cup, health camps, programs for women and children upliftment, dance and entertainment events, etc.

The Mela is also an effort to divert the youth to a brighter side by getting them involved in different sporting events.

Punjab IPS Umranangal Contribution to the Welfare of Society

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal takes special interest and involves himself in all the events of the Mela. World Cancer Care (UK-based charity and international organization collectively bringing together state of the art facilities and treatment for cancer patients)is doing a great job of offering free medical services to the cancer patients, including free medicines and health checkup.

Paramraj Singh Umranangal also helped the family of Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh who laid his life while on duty in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir.

punjab ips umranangal contribution to society

PS Umranangal personally visited the grieved family at their native village in Tarn Taran and gave the cheque of Rs One Lakh aid on behalf of Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Umranangal Memorial Trust.

Continuing his good deeds, Punjab Police IG Umranangal also visited the family of Raghbir Singh (CRPF Inspector), at his native village at Sathiala, and handed over the cheque of Rs. One Lakh.

We have full faith in almighty,and we trust our judicial system. The truth will be told, and justice shall prevail.

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