IG Umranangal Helping People Amid Covid19 Pandemic

Umranangal family has done so much for the people of Punjab during the dark days of Punjab. It was Sh. Jiwan Singh Umranangal (grandfather of PS Umranangal) who taught the lesson of peace and harmony to the people hailing from varied communities in Punjab. Walking in the footsteps of his grandfather, IG Umranangal is helping people amid the covid19 pandemic.

2020 Coronavirus Pandemic in Punjab

As per the latest Coronavirus Update, The cases of coronavirus have increased alarmingly across the nation, Punjab is no different. Pandemic is spreading at a much faster rate in Punjab state. According to the Government of Punjab, the total number of COVID-19 cases rose to 167. Panic and fear are evident on the faces of the common man. Everyone is praying and making their best efforts to flatten the curve.

Coronavirus cases reported in Punjab

The relief work has also scaled up during the lockdown. Food items are distributed to the poor people and medical camps are organized in different districts of Punjab.

According to Dinkar Gupta (Director General of Punjab Police), necessary items are being supplied in the state. More than 40,000 police personnel, across all ranks, along with volunteers are designated to provide essential supplies and to maintain law and order. Rickshaw pullers and auto drivers are engaged in carrying the basic necessities to the small villages. He said that this way they will be able to earn their livelihood.

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The police Force & Volunteers Delivering Essential Items to Hard to Reach Rural Areas

Whatsapp groups and centralize pools across more than 20 districts have been made to liaise with all those people who are willing to donate essential items for the needy ones. These pools will comprise of village police officers, donors, volunteers, and various religious organizations so that they work in tandem along with the civil administration.

The field officers will give inputs to the pool and they will further map the demand and supply areas and the distribution mechanism.

They will also ensure that the food and other essential items reach the poor people during the ongoing lockdown. Each group has around 60-70 workers to streamline food delivery.

Police is also working on having emergency transit passes including states such as – Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, and Haryana.

PS Umranangal Contribution During Coronavirus Pandemic in Punjab

umranangal family helping people amid covid-19 outbreak

Amid all this panic and chaos, it has become tough for the daily wage earners to earn their livelihood during COVID-19. Realizing that poor people are affected more by India coronavirus lockdown, Paramraj Singh Umranangal is doing what any responsible citizen will do i.e. to help the daily wagers, poor people and doing the best for the society.

With the rise in the pandemic cases and lockdown, people are facing difficulties in accessing daily necessities such as dry food items, medicines, masks, and sanitizers. That said, volunteers and police collectively are helping the people day and night.

Umranangal family can be again seen standing at the forefront in this moment of the pandemic. As per Paramraj Singh Umranangal Latest News,  With the rising cases of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Punjab, PS Umranangal along with his family has come forward to extend a helping hand to the needy and unfortunate ones. Umranangal family distributed food and other sanitation items in the Umranangal village and other nearby areas.

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IG Umranangal is Helping Society in the Best Possible Ways

Like we discussed in the beginning, he belongs to a family that has always exhibited kind gestures towards society. In the past, IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal has always shown a keen interest in helping society in the best possible ways.

Realizing the dearth of medical facilities in the villages, he has organized medical camps, varied programs related to the women and children upliftment in the past.

It was him who joined hands with the World Cancer Care Charitable Society (Global Organization registered with the UK and State Government of Punjab) to offer free medical care for all cancer patients. The patients were also provided free medicines and health checkups were also done.

He has organized anti-drug camps, through Sukhdev Singh Umranangal Trust, so that the youth are made aware of the ill-effects of drugs and instead they should contribute more towards the prosperity of the nation.

IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal Helped Martyrs Family

PS Umranangal also helped Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh. The brave soldier gave his life for the nation in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. He visited the native village of the subedar, in Tarn Taran, to give a cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh to the grieved family.

punjab ips umranangal contribution to society

He also visited the family of Raghbir Singh in his village Sathiala in Amritsar. Sh. Raghbir was an important part of the 74th Battalion of CRPF. He was martyred by the Maoist attackers in Burkapal, Chattisgarh. IPS Umranangal gave a cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh to his family.

IGP Donates 1 Lakh Rupees To Martyr's Family

In another act of generosity, PS Umranangal gave away more than 20 hearing aids. The event was attended by some of the well-known dignitaries such as – Dr. Akshay, Dr. Jaskaran Singh, and Dr. Ravinderpal Singh.

When the whole nation is facing this pandemic, Paramraj Singh Umranangal is playing a small part in helping needy people not only of his native village but other nearby villages as well.

What the Umranangal family is doing for the people really restores faith in humanity and does not fail to inspire.

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